Submissions are open.

We accept submissions at any time and will make results available as fast as possible. Please be patient, it can take some time to compute all the results for a new model or a new attack. We will notify you via email once the results are available.

Please select a submission type.

Please make sure your submission is in the right format.

Thank you for your submission.

Submission Format

Preparing your submission.

Your submission must be a Dockerfile along with other accompanying files such as scripts and data files (e.g. network weights). All these files must be packed into a single archive (.tar.gz) and uploaded to a webserver. In the form above, you should then submit the URL pointing to this archive as the Submission URL.

To make things easy, we provide a Python package that contains utility functions to create a submission and scripts to automatically test, pack and upload it. To get started with your submission, just follow the README.

Questions and Answers